Monday, July 9, 2012

BMX Cycling in London Olympic

BMX Cycling refers to the sport in which the main goal is extreme racing on bicycles in motocross style on tracks with inline start and expressive obstacles, and it is also the term that refers to the bicycle itself that is designed for dirt and motocross cycling. BMX Cycling began to take off in the late 1960s in California, around the time that motocross became popular in the US. The motorized sport was the inspiration for the pedal-powered version, a breathtaking spectacle that’s since become popular all over the world.
You can watch 2012 Olympics BMX Cycling competition which is scheduled to be held from 8th August, Wednesday to 10th August, Friday. You can watch Olympics live stream of BMX Cycling Competition at London Velopark. You can also watch Olympics online if you failed to go to the venue. Taking place at the BMX Track in the Olympic Park, the 2012 Olympics competition will see 48 competitors where 32 of them are men and 16 are women. The brand new 400-metre BMX Cycling Track is located next to the Velodrome in the north of the Olympic Park at 2012 Olympics.
The entire venue covers a total area of 160m by 90m, slightly larger than the size of a football pitch. All athlete entries will be confirmed following the sport entries deadline on 9 July 2012. This will be one of the interesting games that you will watch in London Olympics so do not miss a chance to watch Olympics online or Olympics live stream.

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