Friday, July 13, 2012

Sports in 2012 Olympics

In London Olympics 2012, altogether 26 are featured and a total of 39 disciplines. Most of the games in 2012 Olympics sports are interesting and exciting to watch London Olympics. In 2012 Olympics, women’s boxing is also included for the first time with 36 athletes competing in three different weight classes. You can watch 2012 Olympics where there is a special dispensation to allow the various shooting events to go ahead, which would otherwise be illegal under UK gun law.
London's bid featured 28 sports, in line with other recent Summer Olympics, but the IOC voted to drop baseball and softball from the 2012 Olympics Games two days after it selected London as the host city. The IOC reinforced its decision to drop both sports during the 2006 Winter Olympics, after they lost votes for reconsideration, and were last scheduled for Games at the 2008 Olympics. Following the decision to drop the two sports, the IOC held a vote on whether or not to replace them. The sports considered were karate, squash, golf, roller sports and rugby sevens. Karate and squash were the two final nominees, but neither received enough votes to reach the required two-thirds majority. Even though formal demonstration sports were eliminated following the 1992 Summer Olympics, special tournaments for non-Olympic sports can be run during the games, such as the Wushu tournament at the 2008 Summer Olympics. There were attempts to run Twenty20 cricket, and Netball tournaments parallel with the 2012 games, but neither campaign was successful. The major sports of that you can watch at 2012 Olympics are Archery, Athletics, Judo, Football, Volleyball, Beach Volleyball, Rowing, Canoeing, Swimming, Sailing, etc. You can watch all the sports in Olympics live stream. You too can watchOlympics online and support to your favourite sports and well as team.

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