Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Diving in London Olympic

Diving is the sport of jumping or falling into water from a platform or springboard, sometimes while performing acrobatics. It is an internationally-recognized sport that is part of the Olympic Games which is one of the most popular Olympic sports with spectators. Competitors possess many of the same characteristics as gymnasts and dancers including strength, flexibility, kinesthetic judgment and air awareness.
That is why; London Olympics also included diving as one of the major sport in competition. It is one of 4
Aquatics disciplines at the Games, along with Swimming, Water Polo and Synchronized Swimming. You will watch 2012 Olympics competition from 29th July to 11th August, 2012 at the London Aquatics Centre in London, UK. The 2012 Olympics will feature competition in 8 events. Diving will feature 136 athletes at the 2012 Olympics where all the competitors should be above 14 years of age. In London Olympics 2012, 25 nations are participating the competition. A nation can have no more than 16 divers qualify i.e. up to 8 males and 8 females; and can enter up to 2 divers in individual events and 1 pair in Synchronized events.
Diving is one of interesting and exciting match to watch London Olympics as there is Olympics live stream. You can also watch Olympics online if you didn’t get other alternatives to watch. So, all of you, get ready to watch Olympics live stream competition.

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