Monday, July 16, 2012

Jumping Equestrian in London Olympic

Jumping Equestrian is also known stadium jumping, open jumping or jumpers;  is a member of a family of English riding equestrian events that also includes dressage, eventing, hunters, and equitation. Jumping classes are commonly seen at horse shows throughout the world, including the London Olympics 2012.
You can watch 2012Olympics where the riders negotiate a series of 15 fences with the utmost control and precision in a test of mental strength and physical prowess. You can watch 2012 Olympics where the rider and horse with the fewest faults will ultimately be crowned Olympics champion. Faults can be enforced for knocking down fences, refusing to negotiate a fence, and running over the designated time limit. You can view Olympics live stream jumping equestrian competition which are scheduled to be held 4th August to 9th August, 2012 at Greenwich Park at London. You too can watch Olympics online if you don’t get a time to go to the venue at the time of competition.
At 2008 Olympics Games, Equestrian Jumping was a fight between two North American countries. Canada took gold in the individual jumping and silver in the team jumping, while the United States claimed gold in the team event and bronze in the individual competition. Old rivalries are set to be renewed at the London 2012 Olympic Games. So, 2012 Olympics will be interesting than that of other Olympics. So, do not miss a chance to watch London Olympics live stream or watch Olympics online.

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